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Our interest in molecular evolution is stimulated by the rise in drug resistant pathogens and how understanding the physical basis for adaptation can be used for prediction of resistance and the identification of new targets and strategies for antimicrobial therapies. By combining approaches from biophysics and experimental evolution we are able to identify and characterize intermediates along the mutational pathways of adaptation and then link those intermediates to the overall evolutionary trajectory of the bacterial populations. Adaptive changes in protein sequence and expression impact organismal fitness and, consequently, dictate population dynamics. By combining experimental evolution with molecular biophysics we take a systems level view of adaptation and link it to the molecular mechanism responsible for the resulting evolutionary dynamics.

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Wang, X., Davlieva, M., Reyes, J., Panesso, D., Arias, C.A., Shamoo, Yousif A Novel Phosphodiesterase of the GdpP Family Modulates Cyclic di-AMP Levels in Response to Cell Membrane Stress in Daptomycin-Resistant Enterococci.  Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, 61(3) 2017

Nicolaou, K. C., Liu, Guodu, Beabout, Kathryn, McCurry, Megan D., Shamoo, Yousif Asymmetric Alkylation of Anthrones, Enantioselective Total Synthesis of (-)- and (+)-Viridicatumtoxins B and Analogues Thereof: Absolute Configuration and Potent Antibacterial Agents.  J American Chem Soc, 139(10) 2017: 3736-3746

Montealegre, Maria Camila, Roh, J.H., Rae, M., Davlieva, M.G., Singh, K.V., Shamoo, Yousif, Murray, B.E. Differential Penicillin-Binding Protein 5 (PBP5) Levels in the Enterococcus faecium Clades with Different Levels of Ampicillin Resistance.  Antimicrobial Agents & Chemotherapy, 61(1) 2017

Nicolaou, K. C., Pulukuri, K., Rigol, S., Buchman, M., Shah, A. A., Cen, N., McCurry, M., Beabout, K., Shamoo, Y. Enantioselective Total Synthesis of Antibiotic CJ-16,264, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Designed Analogues, and Discovery of Highly Potent and Simpler Antibacterial Agents.  J American Chemical Society, 139(44) 2017: 15868-15877

Beabout, K.R., McCurry, M.D., Mehta, H., Shan, A.A., Pulukuri, K., Rigol, S., Wang, Y., Nicolaou, K.C., Shamoo, Y. Experimental Evolutionary of Diverse Stains as a Method for Determination of Biochemical Mechanisms for Action for Novel Pyrrolizidinone Antibiotics.  ACS Infectious Diseases, 3(11) 2017: 854-865

Perez, Anisha M, Gomez, Marcella M., Kalvapalle, P., O'Brien-Gilbert, E., Bennett, M.R., Shamoo, Y. Using cellular fitness to map the structure and function of a major facilitator superfamily effluxer.  Molecular Systems Biology, 13(12) 2017

Davlieva, M., Tovar-Yanez, A., DeBruler, K., Leonard P.G., Zianni, M.R., Arias, C., Shamoo, Yousif An Adaptive Mutation in Enterococcus faecium LiaR Associated with Antimicrobial Peptide Resistance Mimics Phosphorylation and Stabilizes LiaR in an Activated State.  J of Molecular Bio, 428(22) 2016: 4503-4519

Davlieva, Milya, Tovar-Yanez, A., De-Bruler, K., Leonard, P.G., Zianni, M.R., Arias, C.A., Shamoo, Y. An Adaptive Mutation in Enterococcus faecium LiaR Associated with Antimicrobial Peptide Resistance Mimics Phosphorylation and Stabilizes LiaR in an Activated State.  J. Molecular Biology, 428(22) 2016: 4503-4519

Meyer, P.A., Socias, S., Ransey, E., Tjon, E.C., Buschiazzo A, Lei M, Botka C, Withrow J, Neau D, Rajashankar K, Anderson KS, Baxter RH, Blacklow SC, Boggon TJ, Bonvin AM, Borek D, Brett TJ, Caflisch A, Chang CI, Chazin WJ, Corbett KD, Cosgrove MS, Crosson S, Dhe-Paganon S, Di Cera E, Drennan CL, Eck MJ, Eichman BF, Fan QR, Ferré-D'Amaré AR, Christopher Fromme J, Garcia KC, Gaudet R, Gong P, Harrison SC, Heldwein EE, Jia Z, Keenan RJ, Kruse AC, Kvansakul M, McLellan JS, Modis Y, Nam Y, Otwinowski Z, Pai EF, Pereira PJ, Petosa C, Raman CS, Rapoport TA, Roll-Mecak A, Rosen MK, Rudenko G, Schlessinger J, Schwartz TU, Shamoo Y, Sondermann H, Tao YJ, Tolia NH, Tsodikov OV, Westover KD, Wu H, Foster I, Fraser JS, Maia FR, Gonen T, Kirchhausen T, Diederichs K, Crosas M, Sliz P Data Publication with the structural biology data grid supports live analysis.  Nat Commun., 7 2016

Wang, Xu, Davlieva, Milya, Shamoo, Y. Enterococcus faecalis GdpP is a Novel Protein with a Potential Role in Stress Signaling and Response through the Essential Second Messenger Cyclic D-AMP.  FASEB Journal, 30 2016

Tran, Truc T., Miller, William R., Shamoo, Yousif , Arias, Cesar Targeting cell membrane adaptation as a novel antimicrobial strategy.  Current Opinion in Microb, 33 2016: 91-96

Tran, T.T., Miller, W.R., Shamoo, Y., Arias, C.A. Targeting cell membrane adaptation as a novel antimicrobial strategy.  Current Opinion in Microbiology, 33 2016: 91-96

Reyes J, Panesso D, Tran TT, Mishra NN, Cruz MR, Munita JM, Singh KV, Yeaman MR, Murray BE, Shamoo Y, Garsin D, Bayer AS, Arias CA.  A liaR deletion restores susceptibility to daptomycin and antimicrobial peptides in multidrug-resistant Enterococcus faecalis. The Journal of infectious diseases. 2015; 211(8):1317-25. PMCID: PMC4402337

Beabout K, Hammerstrom TG, Perez A, Magalhães B, Prater A, Clements T, Arias C, Saxer G, Shamoo Y. The ribosomal S10 protein is a general target for decreased tigecycline susceptibility. Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 2015.  59(9):5561-5566 PMCID: PMC4538488 

Diaz L, Tran TT, Munita JM, Miller WR, Rincon S, Carvajal LP, Wollam A, Reyes J, Panesso D, Rojas NL, Shamoo Y, Murray BE, Weinstock GM, Arias CA Whole-genome analyses of Enterococcus faecium isolates with diverse daptomycin MICs.  Antimicrob Agents Chemother., 58(8 2014: 4527-34

Saxer G, Krepps MD, Merkley ED, Ansong C, Deatherage Kaiser BL, Valovska MT, Ristic N, Yeh PT, Prakash VP, Leiser OP, Nakhleh L, Gibbons HS, Kreuzer HW, Shamoo Y. Mutations in global regulators lead to metabolic selection during adaptation to complex environments..  PLoS Genet., 10(12) 2014: :e1004872

Davlieva M, Donarski J, Wang J, Shamoo Y, Nikonowicz EP. Structure analysis of free and bound states of an RNA aptamer against ribosomal protein S8 from Bacillus anthracis.  Nucleic Acids Res., 42(16) 2014: 10795-808

Nicolaou KC, Hale CR, Nilewski C, Ioannidou HA, ElMarrouni A, Nilewski LG, Beabout K, Wang TT, Shamoo Y. Total synthesis of viridicatumtoxin B and analogues thereof: strategy evolution, structural revision, and biological evaluation .   J Am Chem Soc., 136(34) 2014: 12137-60

Miller C, Kong J, Tran TT, Arias CA, Saxer G, Shamoo Y. Adaptation of Enterococcus faecalis to daptomycin reveals an ordered progression to resistance.  Antimicrob Agents Chemother, 57(11) 2013: 5373-83

Davlieva M, Zhang W, Arias CA, Shamoo Y. Biochemical characterization of cardiolipin synthase mutations associated with daptomycin resistance in enterococci.  Antimicrob Agents Chemother, 57(1) 2013: 289-96

Tran TT, Panesso D, Mishra NN, Mileykovskaya E, Guan Z, Munita JM, Reyes J, Diaz L, Weinstock GM, Murray BE, Shamoo Y, Dowhan W, Bayer AS, Arias CA. Daptomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecalis diverts the antibiotic molecule from the division septum and remodels cell membrane phospholipids.  MBio, 4(4) 2013: e00281-13

Agrawal A, Chipara AC, Shamoo Y, Patra PK, Carey BJ, Ajayan PM, Chapman WG, Verduzco R. Dynamic self-stiffening in liquid crystal elastomers.  Nat Commun, 4 2013: 1739

Tran TT, Panesso D, Gao H, Roh JH, Munita JM, Reyes J, Diaz L, Lobos EA, Shamoo Y, Mishra NN, Bayer AS, Murray BE, Weinstock GM, Arias CA. Whole-Genome Analysis of a Daptomycin-Susceptible Enterococcus faecium Strain and Its Daptomycin-Resistant Variant Arising during Therapy.  Antimicrob Agents Chemother, 57(1) 2013: 261-8

Mishra NN, Bayer AS, Tran TT, Shamoo Y, Mileykovskaya E, Dowhan W, Guan Z, Arias CA. Daptomycin resistance in enterococci is associated with distinct alterations of cell membrane phospholipid content.  PLoS One, 7(8) 2012: e43958

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Walkiewicz K., Lau K. and Shamoo Y. Biophysical basis for TetX mediated antibiotic resistance.   2010

Davilieva, M. and Shamoo, Y. Crystal structure of a trimeric archaeal adenylate kinase from the mesophile Methanococcus maripaludis with an unusually broad functional range and thermal stability.  Proteins, 78 2010: 357-364

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Miller, C., Davilieva, M., Wilson, C., White, K., Counago, R., Wu, G., Myers, J.C., Wittung-Stafshede, P., and Shamoo, Y. Experimental evolution of adenylate kinase reveals contrasting strategies towards protein thermostability.  Biophys. J, 99 2010: 887-896 PMID: 20682267

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Woodward, A.W., Ratzel, S.E., Woodward, E.E., Shamoo, Y., and Bartel, B. Mutation of E1-CONJUGATING ENZYME-RELATED1 decreases RELATED TO UBIQUITIN conjugation and alters auxin response and development.  Plant Physiology, 144 2007: 976-987

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Panesso D, Reyes J, Gaston EP, Deal M, Londoño A, Nigo M, Munita JM, Miller WR, Shamoo Y, Tran TT, Arias CA. Deletion of liaR reverses eaptomycin resistance in Enterococcus faecium independent of the genetic background. Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 2015. 59(12):7327-34. PMCID: PMC4649183 [Available on 2016-06-01]

Hammerstrom TG, Beabout K, Clements TP, Saxer G, Shamoo Y. Acinetobacter baumannii repeatedly evolves a hypermutator phenotype in response to tigecycline that effectively surveys evolutionary trajectories to resistance. PLoS One 2015. 10(10):e0140489. PMCID: PMC4619398  

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