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John Olson

Ralph and Dorothy Looney Professor Emeritus of BioSciences

Our laboratory has been using biochemical, biophysical, chemical, and chemical engineering approaches to examine the fundamental processes involved in oxygen transport and storage in mammalian circulatory systems. We are directing two major research programs, one involving basic molecular biophysics and the other involving the design of O2 delivery pharmaceuticals. (1) Dynamics of O2 binding to heme proteins. The roles of specific amino acids and structural motifs in regulating the kinetics and affinity of O2 binding and the resistance of myoglobins olson_workand hemoglobins to denaturation are being identified by: UV-visible, vibrational, CD, fluorescence, and NMR spectroscopies; rapid mixing and ultrafast laser photolysis kinetic techniques; X-ray crystallography, and various computational methods. (2) The design of Hb-based blood substitutes. Rational and random mutagenesis techniques are being used to optimize seven key properties of extracellular hemoglobin: (a) moderately low O2 affinity and high cooperativity, (b) discrimination against CO binding, (c) high rates of O2 exchange, (d) low rates of reaction with NO, (e) resistance to autooxidation and reactions with H2O2, (f) high affinity for heme, and (g) resistance to denaturation. Our mechanisms are being used by Baxter Hemoglobin Therapeutics, Boulder, CO (formerly Somatogen, Inc.) to develop second generation blood substitutes.

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Select Publications

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  • Ph.D. Biochemistry (1972) Cornell University
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