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Julian Huxley

Biology began at Rice in 1912 with the appointment of Julian Huxley as the biology professor. Julian Huxley was the grandson of Thomas H. Huxley, a biologist himself and champion of Charles Darwin. Julian made many important contributions to the fields of ethology, ecology and cancer research, and was a powerful proponent of neo-Darwinism.

His efforts are commemorated by the Huxley Fellows program, in which recent Ph.D. recipients are appointed for 2-3 year (non-tenure) faculty positions in BioSciences. Huxley Fellows are outstanding early-career scientists who pursue their own independent research programs in ecology and/or evolution while teaching at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Huxley Fellows do not have an advisor (as a postdoc would), but are expected to collaborate broadly across BioSciences. Huxley Fellows are selected as a result of a competitive application process. Interested parties can check the Employment section of this website to see if BioSciences is currently accepting applications for prospective fellows.

Current Huxley Fellows  
Benedicte Bachelot  
Sarah Bengston  
Past Huxley Fellows  
George Byrd (Assistant Professor of Agriculture at Ferrum College - we are sad to announce he has since passed away)
Lesley Campbell (Assistant Professor at Ryerson University)
Reed Cartwright (Assistant Professor at Arizona State University)
Madhusudhan Choudhary (Associate Professor at Sam Houston State University)
Anne Danielson-Francois (Assistant Professor at University of Michigan-Dearborn)
Saara DeWalt (Associate Professor at Clemson University)
Scott Egan (Assistant Professor at Rice University)
Jonathan Evans (Professor of Biology at Sewanee-The University of the South)
Kevin Foster (Professor at University of Oxford)
Mark Fulton (Professor at Bemidji State University)
Mark Heilman (Senior Aquatics Technology Leader at SePRO Corporation)
Emily Jones  (Assistant Editor, Nature Communications)
Zhenguo Lin (Assistant Professor at St. Louis University)
Rolf Lohaus (Postdoc at Ghent University)
Tom Miller (Godwin Assistant Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Rice University)
Toshinori Okuyama (Associate Professor at National Taiwan University)
David Queller (Spencer T. Olin Professor at Washington University in St. Louis)
Haldre Rogers   (Assistant Professor at Iowa State)
William Rogers (Professor at Texas A&M University)
Barry Sullender (Assistant Professor at University of Houston Downtown)
Kelley Weinersmith (Adjunct assistant professor at Rice University, Co-author of NY Times Bestseller Soonish)
Kai Zhu (Assistant Professor at the University of California, Santa Cruz)
Huxley Fellow Haldre Rogers pictured at right,
with members of the Amy Dunham lab